Now that spring has finally arrived, drivers are getting their vehicles ready for warm weather driving. The best way to add life to your vehicle and keep it looking as new as possible is to take care of it. In addition to being a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership, we also offer various automotive supplies and provide many services. Stop at Fitzgerald Auto Mall Lexington Park, and let us can provide you with some great spring car care tips.

Check wiper blades – Winter driving can be very hard on windshield wiper blades, and you'll need good wiper blades if you want to see the road as clearly as possible in the Lusby area.

Check the battery – Winter weather and cold temperatures can also be hard on batteries. Have your battery inspected to make sure it has a full charge.

Check tires – If you live in the Prince Frederick area that has lots of snow, you may want to replace winter tires with some good all-performance tires. This is also the perfect time to ensure your tires have the right amount of air pressure.

Clean the vehicle – A dirty and cluttered vehicle can be not only an eyesore and uncomfortable but can also be distracting. Spring is a great time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and detailing.

Wash and wax vehicle – Few things are as hard on a vehicle's exterior body than road salt from winter driving. Either give your vehicle a thorough washing or take it to the local carwash for a washing and wax job.

Check air conditioning system – Once the warm weather starts in Waldorf, it seems to get hot rather quickly. You want to know your air conditioning system is working well before it's needed, so have it inspected at our dealership.

Check suspension and alignment – Spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle in and let the technicians check if it's still in alignment and driving as it should.

Fluid and hose check – Look under the hood to make sure all fluid levels are full and that hoses don't need replacing.

Whether it's a simple cleaning, changing parts, or complete professional detailing, we can help you. Pay our Chrysler Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealership in Lexington Park a visit and allow us to service your vehicle.

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