Tips for Driving in the Snow

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter is almost here and that means it's time to brush up on your winter driving skills. If you recall, the first snow fall of every year leaves drivers panicked. If you want to stay safe and keep everyone else on the road safe, it's wise to check out these tips for driving in the snow.

Get Your Tires Checked--Before anyone can drive during the winter months in the snow, they should get their tires looked out. Without proper traction on your tires, your vehicle will not stop. Proper tires on your vehicle, during the winter months, should be on the top of your priority list.

Don't Ride Someone's Tail--Everyone does it at one point or another, but it's best to be avoided. Following someone else's vehicle really closely isn't smart when it's icy and slick outside. Always keep your distance, but keep even more distance when you're driving under dangerous conditions. 

Pump Your Brakes--Most people think that they should slam on their brakes in case they are sliding. This is not the case. Pumping your brakes does a better job of slowing down your vehicle whenever it's sliding.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full--Everyone does this too, they allow their gas tank to get empty during winter driving months. Always keep your gas tank as full as possible, in case of an emergency. If you get a flat tire or your vehicle stops for some other reason, you will need that gas in your tank. Keep a reminder in your vehicle for when you forget. Always fill up!

Don't Use Cruise Control--Whenever it's really wet and slick outside, you want to avoid using cruise control. When driving in these conditions, keep your foot as close as possible to the brake and gas pedal. 

Take Your Time on the Road--Driving in the snow calls for slow driving. There's really no need to be driving quickly, unless there is an emergency. Driving fast in the snow can be very unpredictable and in the long run can be very dangerous. Slow down and take your time getting to your destination when it's snowing outside. This is best for the safety of everyone on the road. 

Keep Your Cell Phone Handy-Don't keep your cell phone handy to talk or text while driving, keep it handy in case of an emergency. You'll want to be able to reach someone ASAP in case something happens. Keeping your phone fully charged is a smart move, whenever driving in the snow.

Winter can be a scary time for drivers. Take heed to this advice, so that you may stay safe on the road while driving. Remember that safe drivers result in safe roads and fewer lives lost.

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